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LPOP 49 Depression and Anxiety in Marriage and Parenting

Pastor’s wife, mother of five, follower of Jesus Jenny Price shares her struggles and wisdom from a life battling forms of depression and anxiety.

LPOP 48 Looking Back: A College Mom’s Perspective

Mother of 5, career coach, and pastor’s wife Jenny Price muses on what she would tell her early parenting self if she had a time machine.

LPOP 47 Matching Behavior and Consequence

Professional Counselor and adoptive father Bradley McCallester joins me again to talk about strategies for using mistakes to train desired behaviors.

LPOP 46 Behavior Should Make us Curious

Professional Counselor and adoptive father Bradley McCallester joins me to talk about strategies for using mistakes to train desired behaviors.

LPOP 45 Relatives + Holidays = Why do we do this?

When families come together for the Holidays, sometimes it’s a clash of worldview and parenting styles. Here are some steps to ease the pain.

LPOP 44 Should I Withhold Church As a Consequence?

This is a sticky subject: should you keep your children home from church as a consequence for bad grades or behavior?

LPOP 31 Chemo is done and I’m afraid

After three and a half years of treatment, we are finally done with chemo. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned and why I’m still afraid.

LPOP 30 Consequences Don’t Have to Be Immediate

Sometimes delaying the consequences for a while – while you collect your thoughts and make a great plan – can be much more effective than shooting form the hip.  Here’s why.

LPOP 29 An Interview with Dr. Samuel Thomas

This was a special and rare opportunity to interview one of my dear friends and spiritual heroes, Dr. Samuel Thomas of Hopegivers International.  Hopegivers rescues orphaned and at risk children throughout India and plant churches throughout South Asia.

LPOP 28 When Mom is managing alone

So many moms are carrying double the spiritual load for the family.  Here’s some encouragement on what to do if you find yourself in that spot.

LPOP 26 Want to Be a Better Parent? Be a Better Spouse.

Too often a marriage becomes child focused. Not only is this bad for the husband and wife, it’s terrible for the kids!

LPOP 25 Get to know Gen Z Part 2

LPOP 24 Get to Know Gen Z Part 1

A gang or real live experts on Generation Z from our student ministry joins me for a discussion on the differences between Millennials and Generation Z

With Davis Price, Chloe Reddick, John Klein, and Brock Olsen

LPOP 22 3 Ways to Stop Being a Church Consumer

Has culture conditioned you and your family into looking at the church as just one more commodity to be consumed?

LPOP 21 Mother’s Day Thoughts: Rebel and Repeat

On this Mother’s Day weekend, here are some thoughts on how my childhood, as well as that of my parents, has drastically affected my own parenting.

LPOP 19 13 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention To This Show

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series that is sweeping the nation.  Especially if you have children over 10 years old you need to pay attention to some very scary things in this show.

LPOP 18 Training for Disobedience

A great question about when to baptize your kids leads to the thought: Are we training our kids for disobedience?

LPOP 16 The Valley of the Shadow and Easter

I wrote these thoughts while sitting in my son’s room on Easter Morning in 2014, seven days after he began treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

LPOP 12 A Dad’s Thoughts on Dating Part 2

So your kids are ready to start dating? Gulp!  Here are some helpful, practical thoughts to coach them towards right goals and wise boundaries.

LPOP 11 A Dad’s Thoughts on Dating Part 1

Critiques of modern dating practices and coaching tips for your kids as they walk toward helpful relationships!

LPOP 10 When Your Child Suffers

One of the hardest things to walk through as a parent is the suffering of your child.  How do you make the most of a terrible situation?

LPOP 9 What’s Your Parenting Style

Drill Sergents, Helicopters, and Consultants, Oh My!

Here’s an overview of three different types of parenting styles with three different consequences.

LPOP 5 Enabling in a Good Way

What if we’re complimenting the wrong things in our kids?  Here’s a great way to enable your kids to go over, around, or through the brick walls in their life.

LPOP 4 Womanhood

Here’s my best effort at a “simple” definition of Womanhood.  Which is hard because I’m not a woman and I don’t find women to be simple.

LPOP 2 Hardwiring Habits

A relatively quick overview of how to create and replace habits.  This could really change your life, it changed mine!

LPOP 1 It’s a Marathon

This is Episode 1 of the Let’s Parent on Purpose Podcast!

It’s a little rough as I’m learning the technical side of things as well as how to stare at a microphone and pretend it’s a person, but hopefully you can be encouraged that God is going to use you over the long haul!

Have the calamities of any particular day of parenting ever made you feel like a total failure?  Be encouraged, you’re in good company. Listen to hear how common your experience is to our “heroes” of the faith, and for some practical advice as you take the next step.